Sing Portland!

If you can talk, then you can sing –

and we’d love for you to sing with us!

Sing Your Heart Out

10 week class

Fall term Sep 28 – Dec 10, 2020

Tuesdays at 10 am, Wednesdays at 12 noon or 7pm (pick one)

Sing your Heart Out is a relaxed and joyful way of singing. All songs are taught by ear. The lyrics are meaningful and uplifting. You will leave the class with a smile on your face and you may find yourself singing in between classes. Since all songs are taught via call and response, you won’t need sheet music. We are focused on bringing you an hour of pure singing joy. We care more about your singing experience than perfection and performance. Those last two are way overrated. We value the journey more than the destination. We use practice tracks so that you do hear the harmonies in each class. We also share songs via the ACappella app, so you can truly sing with your classmates. The 10 week term ends with an on-line singing party.

At its heart, Sing Portland! is about far more than just singing. It’s about joy. It’s about being able to let go of everything, even if it’s just for two hours. And it’s your chance to connect more deeply with the people around you –– and the world –– than you can possibly imagine.

And that’s why nothing would give me more pleasure than having you come sing with us. Yes, you. Even if you haven’t sung in years, or even ever. Even if you think that you “can’t sing”. Especially if you’re thinking right now, “But surely you don’t want me in your choir.”

All you have to do is show up and sing.



Music, singing, and the connection they create is my life’s work.

I want to get as many people singing as I can.

All rehearsals via zoom during social distant sing. 


  • 12 noon – Vocal Playshops and Playgrounds for Choir Leaders


  • 12 noon – Vocal Freedom and Fearlessness 2
  • 7 pm – Songs of Sustenance


  • 12 noon Songs of Solidarity
  • 2 pm – Black Voices Matter*
  • 7 pm – Songs of Solidarity


  • 12 noon Vocal Freedom & Fearlessness
  • 7 pm Vocal Play & Fearlessness


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* Sing Portland! signed the Black Voices Matter pledge in July of 2020. See FAQs for a description of the weekly gathering “Black Voices Matter”. Scroll down to “which class is the best fit for me?”.