If you can talk, then you can sing –

and we’d love for you to sing with us!




Sing Folk!


Fall term offers you grass roots music for the times… they are achanging!


Mondays in SW, Tuesdays in NE, Wednesdays in SE.  Sep 10 – Dec 15


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At its heart, Sing Portland! is about far more than just singing. It’s about joy. It’s about being able to let go of everything, even if it’s just for two hours. And it’s your chance to connect more deeply with the people around you –– and the world –– than you can possibly imagine.

And that’s why nothing would give me more pleasure than having you come sing with us. Yes, you. Even if you haven’t sung in years, or even ever. Even if you think that you “can’t sing”. Especially if you’re thinking right now, “But surely you don’t want me in your choir.”

Human beings are musical beings.

You don’t need to learn music, you are music.


That’s the reason that Sing Portland! never, ever does auditions. We don’t use sheet music. There are no starched collars or expectations that you’ll sit up ramrod straight in a folding metal chair for two hours –– we love to move when we sing! 

There’s no pressure to be or look or sound or feel any particular way; this choir is all-inclusive. During each rehearsal, you can expect to learn beautiful, fun, uplifting, multicultural songs through an easy, enjoyable call and response method.

Come as you are, and I promise you you’ll be so enthusiastically welcomed you’ll feel like you’ve always been part of the group and just didn’t know it until now.

All you have to do is show up and sing.

Music, singing, and the connection they create is my life’s work.

I want to get as many people singing as I can,

which is why I’ve made it incredibly easy for you to join us.


Sing Portland! runs four terms a year at three locations a week. (Two in summer)

You can join us at any of our three (only two in summer) locations for a full term, a full year, or you can choose drop in as and when, but if you want to be prepared for our performances and singing parties, you should plan to show up to at least one rehearsal a week.

It’s best if you join us at the beginning of the term, but you can drop in whenever you like. In our book, it’s never too late to sing!

This term we’re singing Cuban music through June 9th.

Next summer: Suite case full of songs; a smorgasbord of music – just like your summer adventures.

Upcoming terms:

  • Summer 2018 –– July 9th through Aug 15: Suitcase Full of Songs
  • Fall 2018 — Sep 10 through Dec 15 and a performance in The Grotto Dec 23. Let’s Sing Folks – your favorite folk tunes and some new ones.
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