Praise & Testimonials

Hear what our singers have to say about their experience with Sing Portland!

“I am usually quite reserved when it comes to singing.  However, Sing Portland squeezes out my shyness and pours in its place freedom!  I love singing together whether it is with vocal improv or the group choir.  They are truly fun and beautiful groups to have recently joined!”

Miriam Clark

“I have sung in several choirs where musical perfection was emphasized, which always left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied with the experience. I am finding now, with Sing Portland, a renewed appreciation for simply singing together, for enjoying the blended sounds of community. I find the experience invigorating. Thank you Marion.”

Mark Fry

“You are such vibrant, welcoming, positive, happy singing presence. I love how you bring out the joy first!”

Carol Sarles Downing

“I looked around the room and saw such happy people – as if they were just drinking joy through the air. Marion makes singing seem so easy.  She has such a light humor.  With such ease, she brings our listening ear to life.”

Susan Strauss

“Sing Portland is where I go to get my weekly singing fix.  It raises my endorphin levels, relaxes me and fills me with a quiet happiness.  It’s pressure free and self motivated and it’s all about song.””

JoJo Schroeder

“After one rehearsal I was just buzzing all over with happiness and serenity. And I am an only-in-the-car-with-loud-music, never in public, kind of singer (and Marion says that’s going to change).”

Meg Worden

“I had a great time singing.  A little soprano here, I little tenor there and some bass. Thanks for making the music so accessible and so much fun!”

Cathy Bledsoe

“I’m happy to have found Sing Portland- it’s definitely my style and is bringing added joy to my life. You are a big part of that for me. Thanks for shining so brightly!”

Nancy Miller

“Whether I’m tired and feeling blue or energized and happy, I know that an evening with Marion and Sing Portland! will lift me up,  making every part of me brighter. Marion knows how to connect with every singer while embracing the whole group with her exuberance. We respond by singing our best – even when, individually, we may not think we can even sing.  It is fun (and easy) to learn songs by ear. I love when the music comes drifting across my mind between rehearsals. The joyful camaraderie of singing together is not to be missed!”

Janet Allison

“Singing with Marion takes you to a place where you just go for it.  You feel these amazing feelings of being alive and feeling the heartbeat of the planet when we sing.”

Henrik Bothe

“Sing Portland night is the highlight of my week! Depending on how I feel, I can challenge myself as much as I want, by singing new and unfamiliar parts, or nurture myself by letting the section carry me. Marion’s enthusiasm is always contagious and every week I leave rehearsal singing loudly, my spirits lifted, regardless of how tired or pre-occupied I may have been at the beginning of the evening.”

Barbara Bonnema

“I have to say that one of the most fun things about our concerts is watching you!  You look and sound so beautiful up there and are such a joy to follow!  I’ve been in many choirs (a southern preacher’s kid!) but never had so much fun singing.”

Kathleen Hardy

“I was dragging my feet with trepidation about the economy, but please sign me up.  Your class was so much fun, my soul was starving and I didn’t know it until then.”

Stephanie Shultz

“What and inspiring teacher you are!  I had no idea a group of people could start singing together a few minutes after learning a song, chills!”

Lisa Smith

“In Africa, when the traditional healer does the initial intake to discern the cause of imbalance, he or she asks, “When did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing?”  I thought about this recently on my way to join in for the first time at Sing Portland! with Marion Van Namen. I do not consider myself a singer at all, I can’t read music- and yet- with Marion’s gift at creating instant community through music and teaching newbies a new song to sing with ease- next thing you know I am singing my socks off with such joy, and being uplifted by the smiling faces around the room. Every age group and varied cultural representatives show up here and we are all in the same tribe, feeling a deep belonging to each other and to ourselves, moving to the rhythm and singing our hearts out and our stress away.  We leave feeling lighter and can’t wait to do it again. Just do it, let your soul sing.”

Bev Martin

“What a fun, bouncy, harmonious, energizing two hours!”

Mia Flato

“Singing with Marion has allowed me to step out of myself and sing with abandon!  Though I have not yet unleashed the ‘fearless inner singer’ who has the courage and grit to step up to a karaoke mike or sing a solo, she is closer than ever to the surface.  Sing Portland more than any other group I have sung with has opened me to a community I might not otherwise have sought out and has begun to create a much needed larger group of friends in my life.”

Joy Orevik

“Singing with you and the choir last night was so enjoyable and uplifting! Much appreciation for creating this opportunity for us to express our hearts through our voices, in community!”

Lalli Meera

“Marion is really a force of nature as choir director, entrepreneur and a great human being!  Singing with her and the SP! voices has been a big adventure for me.  Thank you for making this personal growth possible! ”

Susan Philips