Doesn’t perfection evolve just like us? How can it be any other way???

Last Saturday we performed at a benefit concert for Rising Hope Foundation. We had a blast. We sang our hearts out. We got the audience smiling and singing along. With the help of Fools in Paradise we got the audience dancing.  And… with our joyful voices we raised $2400 which goes a looong way in Uganda to educate children.  And what a great way to give back to Africa who gives us so much scrumptious music.

I’m about to share a few secrets with you that may make you wanna call me the craziest or riskiest director you’ve ever heard about.

A female tenor’s eyes widened at the run through two hours  before the concert when she exclaimed “I’ve never sung this song before!”. She didn’t panic – just laughed for she was darn good at faking it till she was making it. It was an African song with lots of repetition, and she did great. She surrendered.  She had fun.

Here’s another stunt.  Two weeks before our performance we had the local TV station come and “check us out”.  In a life broadcast the reporter wanted to know how a choir can sound great that doesn’t do any auditions. And he bluntly asked if there were any voices that don’t blend in well yet, that sing out of tune.  It’s true – sometimes it takes a few months before a singer sings in tune, but you know what… as soon as that person believes in his/her own voice, it’s coming out as the beautiful voice it truly is. Check out our life conversation about that in this link. 

Back to his question.  I did have the guts to point out one voice. Mia had just showed up that night. She hadn’t even joined yet – she just came to check us out. And there she was – singing in front of the camera with a big smile on her face, excited about all the notes she DID hit right on. How could she do that?  She fell in love with the choir the moment she walked in. She felt welcomed and allowed the choir to carry her. And it did. She literally drank the songs, learned them quickly, and performed with us last Saturday. She rode our wave and had a good time.

The Sparkle in your Eyes is always in Tune

I heard the late Dave Marston – founder of the Rogue Valley Peace Choir in Ashland, OR say something like this, and I totally agree with him. “I’d rather have a singer sing a few notes out of tune but standing on stage with a smile on their face, a sparkle in their eyes, than a grumpy fine tuned vocalist.

One of my singers, Mark Fry, who just joined this term summed it up nicely this week: “I have sung in several choirs where musical perfection was emphasized, which always left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied with the experience. I am finding now, with Sing Portland, a renewed appreciation for simply singing together, for enjoying the blended sounds of community. I find the experience invigorating. Thank you!”

Blessings on your PERFECT journey!