Couldn't you use a little more MUSIC in your life?

How about a bit more COMMUNITY?

Maybe a little more CALM at the end of a long day?

We can ALL use a lot more JOY.

Ready for a bit more music in your life?

From the Sing Portland! Blog:

This One Little Word Can Free You From a LifeTime of Regret

“Well you’ve got some balls, don’t you?” I had just finished telling my friend how I’m planning to start a term of teaching Afro-Cuban music in April … just eight days after coming back from a trip to Cuba. I’ve never really sung Afro-Cuban music before. I’ve...

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Every Song Needs More than One Note

Have you ever listened to a chant that’s just one note over, and over, and over again? Just imagine it in your head right now: one note, drawn out, forever. Sounds pretty boring (not to mention kind of creepy), right? Every song needs more than one note — after all,...

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What’s Your Inevitability? (Plus HUGE News)

If you had told me two years ago that the day would come when I would stand up and teach at the same event as Ysaye Barnwell, MaMuse, and Kate Munger, I probably would have laughed. The idea of being invited to teach the thing I love best in the world, alongside the...

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