You don’t need a reminder how your life has drastically changed since last March. If the pandemic wasn’t re-orienting enough, I bet the protests are. Wherever you are in the world, we need radical reforms and how the heck does singing fit in?
One of my fantasies is to bring all opposing parties – even the people you have unfriended on Facebook – in one room and…
After all, we are still brothers and sisters who want to leave our children a better world than the one we entered. We all know in our hearts that we can only be free when all of us are free. Free to live complicated lives where we can all be our messy selves which includes so much more than a political orientation, skin color, sexual preference, education level, economic status blah blah blah. We need all the variety that human nature has to offer for a very dynamic society. An oligarchy consisting of just diva soprano’s would be limited and boring. Singing together reminds us that exactly because of our differences we get to create interesting harmonies.
While singing together in one room may have to wait a while, still… my gift to you is to bring you the joy and power of singing. to inspire you all to be free to
Singing can help you through anything. A song can inspire you to keep going, to pause, to shift the energy (I have regular dance parties with my kiddo’s for that reason). I have also written several blog posts on how music has the magic power to help you feel more in tune with your unique you. ‘Cause when you raise your voice you
Music can help you understand who you truly are and what you want to do with this precious life. As J.K. Rowling wrote in her first Harry Potter book “Ah music. A magic beyond all we do here.” Music is my best friend. I’m her messenger and eager to share her powers with you. Let yourself be aligned by the uplifting songs you get to sing this fall. Or by uncovering the music that lives inside of you.
You are invited to sign up for a class this fall. Whether it’s an hour of learning songs that we teach you in the oral tradition (Sing Portland or Pop PDX), or whether you want to expand your vocal palette with a class like “vocal freedom and fearlessness” or find out what music wants to be raised from you by signing up for Vocal Improv (yes, you make it all up in the moment). I encourage you to give yourself the gift of song each week.
A singer described being part of Sing Portland as “my one hour of sanity in the week”… Are you ready to raise your voice?
  • You can try out our free demo classes in the week of Monday September 14. See all the options here. Registration required.
  • You can attend a workshop with Lea Morris who will bring us songs of freedom, solidarity and moving forward on Wednesday September 16 at 12 noon PDT (Read more here. Sign up here). $20 – half of the proceeds donated to BLM.
  • You are welcome to attend a workshop with Melanie DeMore on Wednesday October 14 at 7pm PDT. (Read more here. Sign up here). $20 – half of the proceeds donated to BLM.
  • All the “real” classes start the week of Monday September 28th and run till mid December.
  • When you sign up and pay for any fall class – you get to attend the workshops for free.

All fall classes take place via Zoom. You have the option of sending us a recording of your part once you’ve learned a song so you can listen to the choral sound as well.

Sing Portland! has signed the Black Voices Matter pledge last July. At least half our repertoire will be from black, brown or indigenous composers and songwriters. You have an opportunity to sing for free in exchange for doing anti-racist work by signing up for our weekly gathering “Black Voices Matter”. Read more about all our fall classes here.
How will you raise your voice?