Money worries: we all have them.

For you, it might be paying off your student debts, making rent, or stressing about your 401k.

Me, I wonder daily how the heck I’m going to get my kiddos through college. Sometimes I fantasize about making big bucks to make it all happen, to pay off debts, get my retirement plan sorted, replace my 12 year old car, and yes, to save up for those college fees I’m going to have to face someday soon.

Oh yes, when it comes to the pressures we all feel as human beings on this earth, finances must be pretty close to the top of the list.

Money worries: why it’s time for a reframe.

Only, I’m now worried that I’ve actually been wasting my time with all of these money worries!

Because I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough. Deep down in my heart, it’s not making the big bucks that would bring me ultimate joy and bliss. It is inspiring people to sing. It is inspiring choir directors to get people singing anywhere around the world. Being able to pay the bills and take care of my kids is just the icing on the cake.

And it’s made me wonder how many of us are spending our time wishing for the wrong things. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting financial security, of course, but chasing wealth for the sake of wealth, or power, or status, and all of that stuff — is it worth asking if that’s where your joy really lies? And if life isn’t about wealth and power, is it time to find your true purpose?

Finding my purpose.

I like to think that’s what the past year has been about for me.

It hasn’t been an easy one, with the stress of a court case hanging over me, as well as the normal pressures of being a single parent and an immigrant with no family on this continent (other than my kids). Sometimes as a parent, I’m at a loss, pulling my hair out, trying new strategies, and making mistakes. I’m sure many of you can relate!

But through it all, singing always put me back in touch with who I truly am, with what I truly love, with what it feels like to be a pure channel of love and connection. Singing with my choir constantly helped me ascend the parental worries, the money stress, and everything else. It put everything else into perspective.

To be so honestly connected with the power of music, to have music by my side as a reminder that we’re all energy, that we can all align when we sing, is incredibly humbling.

More than anything, music has the power to remind me what I want to bring into the world, what I’m living for.

The funny thing is, over the past year, while I’ve been preoccupied with making ends meet, the joy of leading people in song has actually brought me to a place where I can truly see that money follows when you follow your heart first. With that turning point, I could see that what really warms my heart is inspiring lots and lots of people to sing, even if it is via coaching choir directors in some other part of the world. It is no longer something I want to do just to meet my financial needs.

Of course, following your passion doesn’t have to be about work, career, money or any of that stuff. Your purpose doesn’t lie in what you do, it’s in who you are and how you spend your time. It’s about what you want to bring into the world.

Your purpose lies in the joy you can spread.

Singing never fails to remind me of the joy I can spread. And sure, knowing that it lets me meet my financial needs is satisfying. It’s amazing to have proof that, despite all of my doubts, I can take care of myself. But thinking I can inspire thousands of people around the world to sing and inspiring choir directors to make a decent living leading people in song truly warms my heart. It allows me to have that giant out breath. To feel that smile on my face. To know “all is well”.

Singing itself might not be your purpose in the same way it is mine, but the clarity, connection, and energy it brings, the power it has to remind you who you are and what you value, well…it might just take you a step closer to your own breakthrough. To finding what warms your heart and brings you bliss.

If you’re curious about where singing might take you this year, I’d love for you to join me at any of the three choirs Sing Portland! has available for you –– Sing Portland!, Pop PDX, or Vocal Improv

See you there!