Have you ever listened to a chant that’s just one note over, and over, and over again? Just imagine it in your head right now: one note, drawn out, forever.

Sounds pretty boring (not to mention kind of creepy), right?

Every song needs more than one note — after all, if it’s just one note, it’s not a song, it’s a sound. But start putting a few notes together, add in a little harmony here, a little tempo there, and suddenly, you’ve got a song that can make someone beam with joy, soothe their heart, or give them the confidence they need to join in the fun.

Every orchestra needs more than one kind of instrument. While soloists can be amazing, there’s no feeling quite like the swell of a whole orchestra of instruments coming together!

And every community needs more than one person. As humans, we literally wither and die without connection. In fact, studies show that loneliness has a comparable destructive impact on the body to smoking nearly a pack of cigarettes a day!

And, much like songs, bands, and communities, choirs thrive on difference. That’s why Sing Portland! prides itself on just how strong our “come as you are” policy is.

“Come as you are” means just that: come as you are right now. Not when you’re feeling a little better. Not when your voice gets “better” or you learn how to read music. Definitely not when you get less busy. (Because let’s be honest, is that really going to happen any time soon?)

When I say come as you are, I mean come with your weirdnesses and funky characteristics, and know that they will be welcomed like you wouldn’t believe.

Come with your busy-ness, and find a beautiful break from everything.

Come with your sadness, and let the connection and the joyful songs lift your spirit.

Come with your enthusiasm and happiness, and let us share it and amplify it!

Showing up just as you are is a gift, both to you and to those around you.

It’s what gives a choir dimension and strength, it’s what creates those deep, human-to-human connections we all crave, and it’s what gives Sing Portland! its characteristic color and quirks. We never try to fit anyone in any kind of uniform, or demand that you look, feel, sing, or stand a certain way. (Heck, you can lay on the floor if you want to!)

It save us from the stultifying boredom and paralyzing panic of perfectionism, and lets us take each other way past “impressive” and straight into heavenly.

We’re aiming for music on the level of the harmony of the spheres — resonance, dissonance, and surprises included — and you know what? We get there. And it is often, literally, life-saving.

There’s a place for it all here, you included. So won’t you join us? We’d love to sing with you!

Find out how and when you can sing with us here. We can’t wait to see you!