Is your heart talking to you?

Mine spoke to me when I was a teenager; it told me music was my thing, what I was made for. It told me to pursue a career as a musician.

My parents told me otherwise. And I listened, at least for a while. I ignored my heart, suppressed my desires, and went about ticking the boxes we’re all supposed to tick. You know what I mean; the boxes that lead to “real jobs”, sensible careers with great prospects and job security. I traded in my love of music for the stability of an MBA.

And it was great, I thought. I was in a good job, and I’d shut that little whisper in my heart up for good. Or so I kept telling myself. But I found that I’d be humming little tunes at the oddest times…

From business I transitioned to teaching. I still believed that a career in music just wasn’t possible for me and that was mostly okay. I loved teaching. Music was never far away though. I’d constantly sing in the shower and the days where I’d teach my class a new ditty were always the days that brought me — and my students — the most joy.

My heart was still whispering to me, only it was getting louder.

Finally I had to start paying attention to it. But I still wasn’t ready to commit professionally to music all the way, so I started working with music therapy instead, and it lit me up like nothing had before. To be able to bring comfort and healing to people using the medium I loved so much was both incredibly fulfilling –– and a clear sign from my destiny I could no longer ignore.

Finally, I was ready to listen.

At the grand old age of 47 I decided the time had come and I founded Sing Portland! And lo and behold, that nagging little voice I’d tried to suppress was actually my destiny. My heart had been calling to me all along and it knew what it was talking about!

Once I started listening to my heart, everything clicked into place.

My love of music, my business training, and my experience as a teacher and music therapist allowed me to form Sing Portland!. It has allowed me to connect with wonderful new people and help them find their own joy. It has even helped me fulfill a long-held dream (exciting news alert!) as I prepare to teach alongside my musical heroes at Singing on the Edge at the world-famous Esalen Institute!

It just goes to show, you can’t suppress desires from the heart — and you shouldn’t try. Your destiny is like a bouncy ball: the harder you squeeze it, the harder it’ll bounce right back. At 35, I thought I was too old to start a career in music but the wonderful thing is that my former careers, those years of ticking the right boxes, fed beautifully into being the business owner of a choir.

So back to my question: is your heart talking to you?

Is it time you start thinking about your own destiny? Time to find the thing you’re made for? If your heart has been whispering to you and you’ve ignored it in favor of following the “sensible” options, or you’re worried you’re too old to start again, maybe the time has come to start listening to your heart. Take it from me; absolutely wonderful things can happen when you do.

If you’re struggling to hear your heart (our heads can be pretty loud!), and you need to get in touch with your inner desires, why not come along and sing with us? Singing is such an amazing way to reconnect with yourself — we’d love to see you!