What do Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, and Judy Garland all have in common? Apart from being ridiculously talented that is … can you guess?

You’ve got it: they all played Carnegie hall.

And as of March next year, you’ll be able to add Sing Portland! to that list!

No, I can’t believe it either. Mostly because we’re not really that kind of choir. We don’t care about fame and fortune, we never worry about being perfect, and we aren’t chasing musical excellence. The focus is always on simply giving everyone a wonderful singing experience and creating beauty together. So the news that we’ve been invited to sing at Carnegie Hall has completely blown me away.

Why this is such as big deal?

Apart from the fact that Carnegie Hall is a world-famous musical landmark, what has really touched my heart is the fact that this incredible institution is making their stage accessible to people without a degree in music, to non-professionals; to people whose performance is defined by enthusiasm, joy, and a pure love of song. Of course, it’s lovely that we’re being recognized for our talent and the quality of our audition recording too!

Want to know more about the event?

I’m glad you asked. We’ll be singing at the 5th Anniversary Production of Total Vocal with Deke Sharon on the DCINY Concert Series on Sunday, March 24, 2019 in the Isaac Stern Auditorium. Yes, that Deke Sharon. The Deke Sharon who has been described as a “The Father of Contemporary A Cappella”, the guy who made a cappella hot again thanks to The Sing-Off and the Pitch Perfect movies. He’s so full of life and passionate about his work, I can’t even describe how excited I am that Sing Portland! has been chosen to work with him.

Sounds amazing, right?

But enough of my gushing, I’m sure what you’re all dying to know is how you can get in on the NY adventure.

We’re getting the ball rolling now, so be sure to put your name down ASAP if you want to join us in New York and sing with us on that famous Carnegie Hall stage. We’ll be dedicating the winter term to learning our NY repertoire so by March we’ll be ready to blow them out of the water. Who’s with me?

For full details of the event including enrolment, rehearsals, and payments, email Marion. Carnegie Hall, here we come!