Let’s be honest — in the face of big fears, something as small as singing can seem almost laughably useless. After all, what possible good can a few songs do in the face of the external battles of war, violence, and international crises, or the internal battles of anxiety, anger, or depression?

And yet, every single week I’m reminded that actually, music is an incredibly powerful force for good, on both the macro and micro scale.

As I’ve said before, music is one of the most unifying forces we have throughout humanity. It’s one of the most human things we do, and it’s been a thread throughout every culture in history. It brings us out of our heads and connects us to other people both physically and emotionally, because it puts us back in touch with one of the fundamental things we share with every other human on the planet: music. 

And it’s just as important on the smaller, but no less important scale of the individual person.

“The best therapy $10 can buy.”

Every week, I hear or see how glad someone is that they came. How nurturing it is to come together and sing with other people. People have even told me that singing saved their life! That they’ve never regretted coming, even if they had seriously considered skipping a night.

They tell me how singing puts them in touch with something bigger than themselves, that it connects them with themselves, the people around them, and the world at large. One person even told me that singing was “the best therapy that $10 could buy. I love to sing. I sing to love.”

Because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

Singing, immersing yourself in music, is about love and connection, between you and other people and between the parts of yourself. That’s why it’s so uplifting — singing aligns you, engages all the parts of your brain, and lets you experience and express your emotions. It’s cleansing and harmonizing, and we’re biologically wired to respond positively to it.

No matter what you feel like when you come into a choir session — whether you’ve had a bad day (or week, or month), whether you’ve got a lot of worries on your mind — singing allows you to shift your perspective, to get new ideas, and to let go of old worries.

It’s been the saving grace of my life. And I’d love it to be yours too.

If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you! Click here to find out how you can sing with us.