So maybe you’ve been thinking about giving Sing Portland! a try for a while now. You just have a few questions … like is this really the choir for you? Do you need to have prior experience? Are we really, really sure that you can sing with us?

Short answer: yes, no, and YES! Longer answers, plus everything you need to know before you show up for your first session here:

First and most importantly, we love your voice already.


Seriously. Even if you think it’s not that great, we do. Even if you’re just not sure about it, we are. We believe in your voice already. And here’s one thing we know after doing this with hundreds of people, year after year: your voice is there, waiting for you to believe in it, and when you do, it’s going to sound beautiful! It’s always going to be there. Until you believe in it, it will sit there, patiently waiting until you do.

You can’t get this wrong.

Nobody’s going to roll their eyes at you if you happen to sing a wrong note, no one’s going to give you that awkward, embarrassed look if your voice cuts out or wobbles, and no one is going to call you out and correct you for anything. In fact, my singers aren’t allowed to correct each other! And if you make a mistake, so what? You’ll get it the next time.

You are welcome, no matter what.

Most of us have been where we are and know just what you’re going through. Maybe you’re thinking “Oh my God, I haven’t sung since high school … is my voice OK? Can I actually do this? What if I mess up?” Don’t worry. We’re a no audition choir and we welcome absolutely every voice. Especially yours.

No pressure, not ever.

You’ll never be called out or pressured in any way here. You don’t have to perform if you don’t want to, and you’ll never be put on the spot to do anything. Just as importantly, you’ll never be asked not to perform.

I want you — yes, you — in this choir.


I hear it a few times a month: “You don’t want me in your choir.” And I always have the same answer: bullshit! If you believe that we don’t want you in Sing Portland! then you have to come. You’re in for a big surprise — promise.

You don’t need to read sheet music.

That’s because we don’t use any. Every song we learn we all learn by heart, but it’s easy because they’re always catchy, interesting songs that you actually enjoy singing. Earworms in the best possible way.

And finally, two practical things to do so you can make the most of your session:

Be well rested.

We tend to move around as we sing — it’s just a natural reaction to the music — so if you show up running on fumes you might not enjoy that as much as you would otherwise. That being said, singing can be really energizing, so if you’re tempted to use this as an excuse to not come to your first session, come anyway. It’s worth it.

Stay hydrated.

This one’s common sense, but good to remind you about anyway. Singing is a physical activity, so make sure you drink enough water, and consider bringing a water bottle with you. It makes the whole session that much better, and besides, it’s excellent for your health.

Now … are you excited to come to your first session? Because we are absolutely thrilled to have you. Click here to find out how and when you can sing with us!