I passionately believe that singing regularly is one of the best things you can do for your life, not to mention one of the most healing, connecting things we can do for the world as a whole. And yeah, I get that it’s easy to say that.

But I’m serious — so serious, in fact, that I’ve created Sing Portland! in such a way that it’s pretty much impossible to find and excuse for not joining. Here are just a few of the ways that Sing Portland! is designed to accommodate everyone; the so-called “tone deaf”, the “bad singers”, and the people who say “Oh no, you don’t want me in your choir!” included.

Rehearse when you like, where you like, as much as you like.

We have rehearsal locations throughout town, and you’re welcome to sing at whichever one you like at any given rehearsal. We’ve also got rehearsals running on several days of the week, so you can come to whichever one suits your schedule.

If you miss a week, then you’re absolutely welcome to double dip another week. If you want extra practice, then just come to more rehearsals! And if you’re worried that you’ll only be able to make a few sessions here and there, we’ve got you covered too. Just pick up a drop in card and come when you can.

Learn songs easily with our full support.

My approach with Sing Portland! is designed to work with total novices, experienced singers, and everyone in between. If you’re worried about learning the songs, don’t be!

We have practice tracks in our online, members-only Green Room, so you can listen along and practice on your own whenever you want. You can also read over lyric sheets there, just in case a phrase or two isn’t quite sticking in your mind yet. Plus, this summer we’ve got a great program of African songs, all of which can be learned in one or two rehearsals. Join us for this short, 5-week term and you’ll be amazed at just how much you’ve learned by the time we get around to our end of term singing party.

And of course, we don’t only do rehearsals and singing parties. We also have karaoke nights, movie nights, musical singalongs, and for those who really want to max out their flexibility and make up their own songs, vocal improvisation.

Seriously, there’s no threshold to singing that I won’t knock down.

We’ll do anything to inspire you and to make it easy for you to sing. If you’re not sure whether we’re a good fit for each other, you can come to your first rehearsal for free. While you’re there, don’t expect to have to audition — and don’t be surprised if someone ends up telling you how everyone is truly good enough to sing at Sing Portland! After all, SP! is all about the experience of singing, not the perfection of every note.

When you are ready to dive in and join us, we’ve got sliding scale payment options (some with monthly payment options), so your membership can always suit your budget.

This is your invitation.

We’d love for you to come join us for a rehearsal. If you’re still not quite sure about singing, then you’re more than welcome to join us as an audience member at one of our singing parties.

Find out when you can drop in right here. We can’t wait to see you soon!