Choral singing is on hold for weeks. Maybe even months. But don’t let anybody keep you from singing! Have fun with these suggestions:

Sing by yourself

  1. Download a karaoke app like Smule or Yokee and sing your heart out.
  2. Make a play list of “Corona” songs. I’m thinking “Don’t stand so close to me” by Sting, “I’m gonna wash that man out of my hair” from South Pacific, “Lean on me” by Bill Whithers. Getting ideas? Have fun hearing all these songs with a different perspective.
  3. Go to the green room or practice tracks of your choir and keep singing.
  4. Come up with harmonies as you sing along with your favorite station or song list.
  5. Have you really explored the acoustics in your bathroom? Try singing in different corners of the bathroom. How does the echo change? What is the hot spot? Where do you sound best?
  6. Memorize a song you’d love to serenade someone with.
  7. Record a song on voice memo and send it to someone. Such a treat. And it doesn’t have to be perfect!
  8. Practice gratitude. Sing what you’re thankful for.
  9. Go through all songs you’ve learned in your choir through the years. Tell your choir director what your favorites are.


Sing with others

  1. Gather outdoors to sing.
  2. Invite someone over for tea or dinner and just sing together.
  3. Facetime, skype or zoom may not work for choral singing, but you can still sing call and response. Great way to improvise or come up with variations or harmonies of the call.
  4. Plenty of musicians miss their audiences terribly. Some are offering to sing to you via zoom or FB life. Check the FB posts. Katie Sonntag is offering one every Saturday evening.
  5. Call a few choir members and sing your choral music in a trio or quartet.


Sing into new territory

  1. Write a song about what you’re feeling. Two lines of lyrics is enough to create a musical ditty.
  2. Learn a new instrument (ok that’s not singing, but still a fun musical outlet).
  3. Download the looping app Loopy HD and learn how to layer sounds. If you’re new to making stuff up – start with rhythms.
  4. Sing songs in a language you’ve always wanted to learn – plenty of you tubes with lyrics out there.
  5. You too can hear overtones. And you can sing them. Check out this you tube by Anne Maria Hefele.

Stay healthy and keep singing no matter what.